Friday, June 25, 2010

Wow so it's been a couple of weeks since I mentioned the insanity at the job but that is because I have been sanctioned, freedom revoked, wings clipped. Our illustrious Cheryl has informed me that taking David out on outings was"too much" too much of what you ask, that was my exact question too but to be honest no further explanation was given. I'd like to speculate for a minute and delve into the mind of the simple to see if i can decipher her thinking. 1). Too much wasted gas? maybe, but it is not her vehicle and she has nothing to do with providing the money for the gas that comes out of my own pocket and I don't even get reimbursed for it either. 2). Too strenuous and again for whom? David does not walk, i lift him in and out of the truck all he does is sit and ride. 3). Too much sun, now that wouldn't be a bad guess but all of our outings are spent inside we are rarely outside like i stated previously i do not care to be hot and sweaty either. Although Cheryl is not privy to this information. I did tell her we are mostly in heavily shadded areas when we are outside. And then that scenario does not make much sense when she still wants me to take David outside to sit on the front porch, so too much sun is a moot point. So again we arrive at our original question of "too much" what??? The world will never know.! I'll just continue to repeat my mantra: I can make it til next June, I can make it til next June....

Rudeness is something i can not tolerate! there is no excuse for it. If someone lets you out into an intersection just give a little wave to acknowledge their gratitude. If someone is in your home and you see them for the first time say hello. if you bump into someone say excuse me these are just simple little rules to keep the world peaceful you don't even have to be sincere about any of these things or any other situation where a little human courtesy is called for but to just ignore the situation is totally unacceptable and down right ignorant in my humble opinion.

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