Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Well here we are in the middle of another work week, everything was going as good as can be expected, until today when Cheryl just had to mess up the flow of things and ask one of her infamous stupid questions... " Do you guys sit directly in the sun all day?" "No! Cheryl" I replied "I don't like to be hot and sweaty just as much as you don't want David to be hot and sweaty!" I had to pause for a moment before I answered, to give myself time to calm down and realize I was speaking to a simpleton. I mean why in the hell would I bake in the hot 90 degree sun all day?? Little does she know most of our time is spent indoors. I want to be comfortable and I'm sure David wants to be in a cool environment too. I don't even understand how she can even complain about me taking him out and being gone all day, it's not like she ever brings him out of the house. I mean literally never does she do this so his little outings with me she should welcome instead of trying to criticize. What else is there for us to do but sit inside her house and be bored all day looking silly staring at the walls? David does not have a television in his room just a radio, and if i decide to entertain myself by reading a library book she says, now get this that I should read aloud to David. Yes you read right she wants me to read aloud to a man that cannot speak, barely hear and who could not give a damn if I read to him or not, usually he falls asleep after 5 minutes of me reading(I actually tried to go along with this foolishness in the beginning of me working there) but now I just sneak to read a book because I think that reading to him is totally asinine. Furthermore he does not even understand! Ugh! that woman really toasts my strudel.. Hopefully the rest of the week will go by quickly so I can have a little relief, Oh how I wish she was working this summer. It's sad to say but I wish school was back in session so she could be out of my hair.

So after riding around a little and going to the park for about an hour, David and I get back to his house to be waylaid with more stupid questions from his sister,now after years of pestering me to take David out she suddenly has the nerve to ask me if David minds riding around and going to the park?? WTF!! is that all about?? How the hell am I supposed to know if the man minds its not like he can express his concerns and she was the one who insisted he be brought to different places around town That made absolutely no sense to me. Then she says oh well I guess its ok as long as he is happy...again David does not have a care in the world he couldn't care less if he was inside or outside he is none the wiser either way. We could drive to Alaska and the poor fellow wouldn't even know we left the state. I'm truly baffled by her stupidness! No one can really be that dumb.

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