Friday, June 25, 2010

Wow so it's been a couple of weeks since I mentioned the insanity at the job but that is because I have been sanctioned, freedom revoked, wings clipped. Our illustrious Cheryl has informed me that taking David out on outings was"too much" too much of what you ask, that was my exact question too but to be honest no further explanation was given. I'd like to speculate for a minute and delve into the mind of the simple to see if i can decipher her thinking. 1). Too much wasted gas? maybe, but it is not her vehicle and she has nothing to do with providing the money for the gas that comes out of my own pocket and I don't even get reimbursed for it either. 2). Too strenuous and again for whom? David does not walk, i lift him in and out of the truck all he does is sit and ride. 3). Too much sun, now that wouldn't be a bad guess but all of our outings are spent inside we are rarely outside like i stated previously i do not care to be hot and sweaty either. Although Cheryl is not privy to this information. I did tell her we are mostly in heavily shadded areas when we are outside. And then that scenario does not make much sense when she still wants me to take David outside to sit on the front porch, so too much sun is a moot point. So again we arrive at our original question of "too much" what??? The world will never know.! I'll just continue to repeat my mantra: I can make it til next June, I can make it til next June....

Rudeness is something i can not tolerate! there is no excuse for it. If someone lets you out into an intersection just give a little wave to acknowledge their gratitude. If someone is in your home and you see them for the first time say hello. if you bump into someone say excuse me these are just simple little rules to keep the world peaceful you don't even have to be sincere about any of these things or any other situation where a little human courtesy is called for but to just ignore the situation is totally unacceptable and down right ignorant in my humble opinion.

Friday, June 11, 2010

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Well here we are in the middle of another work week, everything was going as good as can be expected, until today when Cheryl just had to mess up the flow of things and ask one of her infamous stupid questions... " Do you guys sit directly in the sun all day?" "No! Cheryl" I replied "I don't like to be hot and sweaty just as much as you don't want David to be hot and sweaty!" I had to pause for a moment before I answered, to give myself time to calm down and realize I was speaking to a simpleton. I mean why in the hell would I bake in the hot 90 degree sun all day?? Little does she know most of our time is spent indoors. I want to be comfortable and I'm sure David wants to be in a cool environment too. I don't even understand how she can even complain about me taking him out and being gone all day, it's not like she ever brings him out of the house. I mean literally never does she do this so his little outings with me she should welcome instead of trying to criticize. What else is there for us to do but sit inside her house and be bored all day looking silly staring at the walls? David does not have a television in his room just a radio, and if i decide to entertain myself by reading a library book she says, now get this that I should read aloud to David. Yes you read right she wants me to read aloud to a man that cannot speak, barely hear and who could not give a damn if I read to him or not, usually he falls asleep after 5 minutes of me reading(I actually tried to go along with this foolishness in the beginning of me working there) but now I just sneak to read a book because I think that reading to him is totally asinine. Furthermore he does not even understand! Ugh! that woman really toasts my strudel.. Hopefully the rest of the week will go by quickly so I can have a little relief, Oh how I wish she was working this summer. It's sad to say but I wish school was back in session so she could be out of my hair.

So after riding around a little and going to the park for about an hour, David and I get back to his house to be waylaid with more stupid questions from his sister,now after years of pestering me to take David out she suddenly has the nerve to ask me if David minds riding around and going to the park?? WTF!! is that all about?? How the hell am I supposed to know if the man minds its not like he can express his concerns and she was the one who insisted he be brought to different places around town That made absolutely no sense to me. Then she says oh well I guess its ok as long as he is happy...again David does not have a care in the world he couldn't care less if he was inside or outside he is none the wiser either way. We could drive to Alaska and the poor fellow wouldn't even know we left the state. I'm truly baffled by her stupidness! No one can really be that dumb.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

Today is Saturday and I survived another week at the hell hole. Thank You God!

Do you ever feel like life is passing you by? I sometimes feel like I'm not living life to it's fullest potential. My life consists of the same-o-same-o everyday there is no variety, no excitement, just dullness, and deep down inside I wanna try new things, be dazzled and amazed at every opportunity. I feel as if I'm on a treadmill at a constant rate never picking up speed or going anywhere. This is not the way I pictured my life. I want to see the world and experience everything good or bad just not to bad that I'm in danger or in harms way. I'm not saying I'm not thankful for all that I have in my life so far, I have a smart, most handsome, fun loving little boy that is the pride and joy of my existence but my heart yearns for much much more! People assume I'm just calm,patient,easy going and yeah that's me but inside I'm screaming let's do something spontaneous something crazy!! But my life as it is now does not provide me with the chance to do so. But look out world because as soon as I'm able to spread my wings and fly I'm going to be unstoppable. I'd like to quote Kayne West " wait til I get my money right, then you can't tell me nothing " and that's exactly the way I feel!!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Greetings One and All,

Yesterday it rained and I was not able to escape frome the hell hole. I had to saty there and endure the rudness that is the norm for Cheryl and John, usually I do my morning routine pack David up in the truck and hit the highway, but instead I was stuck indoors suffering. It wouldn't be so bad if I could just do what I gotta do and go home, Oh but no that would be too easy, I forgot to mention that David has a feeding tube and is not susposed to have anything in his mouth, no water, food, medicine NOTHING!! but his sister thinks that she is smarter than all the doctors and insists that he is not getting the proper nutrients (which he is) so she has instructed me to give him banana smoothies on a daily basis 2 times a day despite the fact that he has severe acid reflux and is prone to chocking. she also insists that i give hime juce throughout the day which consists of lemonaid, orange juice and anything that has an abundance of citrius and acid in it, May I be so bold as to say that this woman is a complete moron!!! I mean really??? I secertely believe that she is trying to kill him for his life insurance money. Even though she gets a nice substantial amount from the government for taking care of him but you can't tell because none of the money is spent on him. He has just enough clothes for 1 work week 5 pairs of shorts 5 short sleeved shits 5 sweat pants and 5 sweat shirts socks and no shoes even though he can not walk the man needs shoes for dr appointments and what not. I mean maybe it's just me but whatever as long as I can survive working there until June of next year I'll be all good and you better believe that I will happily tell them to kiss my ass!!!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hello Everyone,

I'm not entirely sure how this all works, I really don't care if anyone even reads this, I just want to say what I gotta say!

Okay today at work ... well first of all let me just say I work for a home health care company taking care of a mentally challenged older man. His family members(sister,and brother in law) are idots and do not care one iota about him despite their claims of doing so. I have been working with this man for 4 years and there was never any problem. It was just the sister-Cheryl the man-David and me, well the sister went to work at 7am and came home about 4pm everything was cool until about 6months ago when Cheryls husband John came back to live with her, so I think o.k nothings gonna change, things will still be all good, well I was wrong shortly after John arived he started making passes at me(yuck) trying to be subtle,saying little things like "I would like to see what kind of panties you wear" stuff like that, then and there I should have reported him but I just shrugged it off thinking he was just being a dirty old man. Then he got real bold , and was jacking off to a porno one day while i was at work nevertheless I ignored his advances and still did not report him, that is where I made my mistake apparently he did not like to be ignored so what does this slime ball do but call my job and tell them that I was treating his brother in law wrong and not doing my job properly. So of course there was an inquistion much to his susprise i was found totally innocent and even his wife backed me up saying I do a hell of a job taking care of her brother. So now after all that drama of trying to get me fired and NOT succeeding there is much filled tension in the workplace. Keep in mind this fool has no say so when it comes to his brother in law and the wife Cheryl does not even want him they are in the process of getting a divorce.but it really makes the work day very very stressful and uncomfortable. Take today for instance, here I am minding my own business getting ready to leave the hell hole, backing out of the driveway when the asshole pokes his head out the door and gives me the finger I mean wtf I didn't even do anything to this clown ooh I really wanted to pull back into the driveway and do bodily harm to that fool. But instead I just smiled and waved for the sake of my little boy so mommy wouldn't be spending his next birthday in prision.
Well That's all for now I'm almost positive there will be more tomorrow!!!