Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Hello Everyone,

I'm not entirely sure how this all works, I really don't care if anyone even reads this, I just want to say what I gotta say!

Okay today at work ... well first of all let me just say I work for a home health care company taking care of a mentally challenged older man. His family members(sister,and brother in law) are idots and do not care one iota about him despite their claims of doing so. I have been working with this man for 4 years and there was never any problem. It was just the sister-Cheryl the man-David and me, well the sister went to work at 7am and came home about 4pm everything was cool until about 6months ago when Cheryls husband John came back to live with her, so I think o.k nothings gonna change, things will still be all good, well I was wrong shortly after John arived he started making passes at me(yuck) trying to be subtle,saying little things like "I would like to see what kind of panties you wear" stuff like that, then and there I should have reported him but I just shrugged it off thinking he was just being a dirty old man. Then he got real bold , and was jacking off to a porno one day while i was at work nevertheless I ignored his advances and still did not report him, that is where I made my mistake apparently he did not like to be ignored so what does this slime ball do but call my job and tell them that I was treating his brother in law wrong and not doing my job properly. So of course there was an inquistion much to his susprise i was found totally innocent and even his wife backed me up saying I do a hell of a job taking care of her brother. So now after all that drama of trying to get me fired and NOT succeeding there is much filled tension in the workplace. Keep in mind this fool has no say so when it comes to his brother in law and the wife Cheryl does not even want him they are in the process of getting a divorce.but it really makes the work day very very stressful and uncomfortable. Take today for instance, here I am minding my own business getting ready to leave the hell hole, backing out of the driveway when the asshole pokes his head out the door and gives me the finger I mean wtf I didn't even do anything to this clown ooh I really wanted to pull back into the driveway and do bodily harm to that fool. But instead I just smiled and waved for the sake of my little boy so mommy wouldn't be spending his next birthday in prision.
Well That's all for now I'm almost positive there will be more tomorrow!!!

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