Friday, June 4, 2010

Greetings One and All,

Yesterday it rained and I was not able to escape frome the hell hole. I had to saty there and endure the rudness that is the norm for Cheryl and John, usually I do my morning routine pack David up in the truck and hit the highway, but instead I was stuck indoors suffering. It wouldn't be so bad if I could just do what I gotta do and go home, Oh but no that would be too easy, I forgot to mention that David has a feeding tube and is not susposed to have anything in his mouth, no water, food, medicine NOTHING!! but his sister thinks that she is smarter than all the doctors and insists that he is not getting the proper nutrients (which he is) so she has instructed me to give him banana smoothies on a daily basis 2 times a day despite the fact that he has severe acid reflux and is prone to chocking. she also insists that i give hime juce throughout the day which consists of lemonaid, orange juice and anything that has an abundance of citrius and acid in it, May I be so bold as to say that this woman is a complete moron!!! I mean really??? I secertely believe that she is trying to kill him for his life insurance money. Even though she gets a nice substantial amount from the government for taking care of him but you can't tell because none of the money is spent on him. He has just enough clothes for 1 work week 5 pairs of shorts 5 short sleeved shits 5 sweat pants and 5 sweat shirts socks and no shoes even though he can not walk the man needs shoes for dr appointments and what not. I mean maybe it's just me but whatever as long as I can survive working there until June of next year I'll be all good and you better believe that I will happily tell them to kiss my ass!!!

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